Allergies to metals

such as mercury, zinc, selenium, aluminum, alloys used by dentists. Check availability.

It is necessary to go with an empty stomach for the extraction of blood. No previous appointment is necessary, the extractions are made from 8:00h – 10:30h from Monday to Friday. 

The time of delivery of the results depends on the type of metal. Consult the availability and the time of obtaining the results of the different metals.

Typical symptoms of metal allergy are chronic fatigue and swelling. For example, a nickel allergy can cause redness and itching of the skin when it comes into contact with nickel-containing objects such as watches, jeans buttons or cheap jewelry.

This test is especially indicated for the following type of patients:

  • Patients suffering from skin, nail or hair alterations.
  • Patients exposed to high levels of contamination in their daily life.
  • Patients with chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression or mood disorders.