Stool culture

The sample needed for the analysis is faeces that will have to be delivered in a sterile bottle purchased at the pharmacy. The patient should not take oily laxatives, barium, magnesium or bismuth salts, at least 72 hours before taking the sample.

For the sampling you can be guided by the following scheme:









  1. Sit upside down to deposit the sample in the toilet.
  2. Unscrew the sample cup.
  3. Suck in some sample.
  4. Deliver the sample as soon as possible. If it cannot be delivered immediately, keep it at 2-8ºC, 5 days maximum.


The results are delivered after 72 hours.

It is an analysis of the feces to find microorganisms that can cause gastrointestinal pathologies and symptoms. In the laboratory, the multiplication of bacteria or other microorganisms is stimulated. If there is proliferation of them, they are identified. 

More tests can also be performed to determine the best treatment for the detected microorganism such as an antibiogram.

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