Study of parasites in feces

The sample needed for the analysis is faeces that will have to be delivered in a sterile bottle purchased at the pharmacy. The patient should not take oily laxatives, barium, magnesium or bismuth salts, at least 72 hours before taking the sample.

For the diagnosis of pinworm infestation, the Graham test should be performed. It consists of detecting the presence of Enterobius vermicularis, a worm that inhabits the large intestine and rectum and must be eliminated from the body. In this case, the sample from the anus will be collected first thing in the morning in the laboratory itself.

The results are delivered within 24 hours.

This is a test of the fecal material to rule out or confirm possible parasitic infestations that affect the digestive system and that manifest themselves with itching in the perineal area (especially at night), increased bowel movements or swelling.

For the diagnosis of pinworm infestation, the Graham test will need to be performed. The sample is not fecal matter, it is about collecting the possible presence of pinworms around the anus and thus to be able to carry out an effective treatment.

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